You have a killer idea for a App and is already under-development or about to start. You might need a pre-launch landing page to generate some interest and collect some leads. You can do that without spending much(or in-fact any money).

What do you need for a Landing page?

Step 0: Domain name

I am assuming you already have a domain registered and hence not counting that expense here.

Step 1: Hosting

You can host static landing page(s) for free on GitHub. Start with creating a free user account at GitHub. Once done, follow the instructions on this article to setup your free hosted page(s). Another advantage of setting this up on GitHub is that you get version-ing by default and free.

Step 2: Domain redirection

Now you have a hosted a test page, time to attach it your own domain name. You can do that by following these instructions on GitHub

Step 3: Collect interested users emails

Mailchimp provides good embedded forms for this purpose. You can start with a free account and that would serve your need for the pre-launch task.

Step 5: Landing Page design

And not last but not the least, if you are a programmer who doesn’t have much chops for web design or even a non-technical founder with some basic knowledge of HTML\CSS, I would recommend using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to put together a decent looking page.

There you go. With the cost of a domain name(which you anyway need), you can put together a simple website to generate some user interest, build-up an email list to reach out to users on the launch day or validate an idea before spending months in developing something.