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Kaggle, currently has close to 600,000 registered users. (595151 to be exact as of writing this post).

Out of these, more then 90% are novices. Which means they have done minimal on the site after registering.

Approx. 43K are contributors. And that means they have done at least all of this below…

Add your bio
Add your location
Add your occupation
Add your organization
SMS verify your account
Run 1 script
Make 1 competition submission
Make 1 comment
Cast 1 upvote

All the above is very trivial and relates to just completing your profile, except for one thing…

Make 1 competition submission

Now, I believe the people who never progress from novice to the contributor are stuck at this step. This single task is weeding out more then 90% of the users.

If you are not a experienced Data Scientist, one of the best ways to cross this step is to go through this Free Kaggle Machine Learning Tutorial for Python by DataCamp.